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Glasses and Music Sheet


"Leo music" was found by Mr. Leo  Fung since 1994 , in the past 29 years, we and our teachers were holding with  a strong faith and focused in a single mission, bring " Magnificent Lives" to everyone by using art and music.

We believes creative education could increase student's interest in study and brought them self-motivation in any areas. Our educational principle was agreed by many parents and children in different social levels. A creative learning method, 

peaceful study environment and positive educational

direction helps children to grow their mind and body.

Leo Music had been working hard in the educational industry since the first day was found. And thank you for the support from the society, a few rewards were presented to us within these years. Our founder Mr.Leo Fung was rewarded an academician title from SERA in year 2022. And in the same year, we were given the best enterprise reward by HKMOB and the most valuable enterpise reward from MYTH FOCUS. instead of the enterprise, many rewards in different ares had been presented to our teachers aa well.

Piano Lessons


Our instructors are all highly accomplished musicians with certification and experience in both teaching and performing. They specialise in a wide range of musical instruments, including guitar, drum, piano, violin, and other courses. We welcome you to meet our passionate and dedicated team of teaching artists and a community of families to form lifelong friendships with!


This is our company's previous award-winning organizations,

including charities and environmental protection,etc., we will

continue to work hard

The Leo Music Team

is a selected group of professionals who are passionate about sharing their craft through education. 


Our instructors

possess vastknowledge and understanding of their respective fields with years of industry experience.

We are dedicated

to helping you explore and discover your potential as a budding individual through our courses.

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