Glasses and Music Sheet


Leo Music offers a fun, safe, and encouraging environment to learn music, art and languages while nurturing imagination, inspiration and individuality. Our classes are well-rounded, student centered, and age appropriate. Our goal is to advance learning and build a foundation for a lifelong love for music. We will give you peace of mind that the experiences shared with us will be invaluably contribute to your child's growth with happiness and confidence.

Piano Lessons


Our instructors are all highly accomplished musicians with certification and experience in both teaching and performing. They specialise in a wide range of musical instruments, including guitar, drum, piano, violin, and other courses. We welcome you to meet our passionate and dedicated team of teaching artists and a community of families to form lifelong friendships with!

The Leo Music Team

is a selected group of professionals who are passionate about sharing their craft through education. 


Our instructors

possess vastknowledge and understanding of their respective fields with years of industry experience.

We are dedicated

to helping you explore and discover your potential as a budding individual through our courses.